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April 11, 2014 - 01:53 PM
Christine Gilbride Wilson

Richie-I met you back in April of 2012, a couple of weeks right before my 17 year old Cairn Terrier Brody passed away. I never felt more love and gentleness from someone than what you gave to Brody when you took his pix. Brody was deaf, blind and in a diaper and as wonderful as he was, you made the whole experience so easy for me to deal with, knowing these were his final pictures. They are so colorful and detailed. You know, you might do this every day and you are the pro, but to someone like me who doesn't see this every day, I hope you know just how beautiful your pix are and the impact it has on people. I look at Brodys picture every day still. It's on my computer. It makes me happy. Your work brings alot of happiness to people. Don't ever forget that. Thanks so much for all you do for people and their beloved pets.

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